Some of the feedback from recent private cooking classes:

* “Thanks Natalie! Can we book you again for January?”
* “That was way better than I expected and I had good expectations!”
* “I can’t believe I learnt so much”
* ” It was great!”
* “That was divine”

Latest comments from students:
* “Excellent tutor. Natalie always makes it such an enjoyable class”
* “Very informative and a great way to cook vegies!”
* Excellent, knowledgeable and good suggestions”.

* “Natalie has a beautiful spirit and the way she prepares the ‘environment for work’ is amazing, it is done with a calm, respectful attitude. I sincerely appreciate the notion of there are ’causes and conditions’ which have led us to be here today”.

* “A wonderful course - I’ll be back for more”.

* “Today was essential to my own self-care. Much appreciated”.

A lovely bunch of students at Easy Gourmet Vegetarian and here’s some of the written feedback from the class:
* “Fantastic - loved it”
* “Great company, great food”
* “Thanks so much, was awesome!”
* “Beautiful soul food. Thank you Natalie!”

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Next courses for WEA: 

* Quick and Tasty Vegetarian, Saturday, 25th August (also suitable for vegans)
* Spring Gourmet Vegetarian, Sunday, 23rd September
* How It All Vegan…Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Vegetarian, Saturday, 13th October

Book for these courses through WEA on 82231979 or  

Some recent student feedback:  

* “Fabulous teacher and amazingly delicious food - simply easy to follow. Thank you”
* “Great experience and some great new ideas to take home” 

* “Wonderful, creative, delicious food. Thank you” 

* “Fantastic, learnt lots. Great to be able to try so many recipes. Very informative! Lovely teacher!” 

* “All cooked well - a reflection on the teacher!” 

* and from a chef I worked with recently, who wanted to expand his repertoire, “Some great ideas! I am inspired!”

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