• Excellent, easy to follow.
  • Loved it!
  • A fun afternoon, Thank you
  • All good. A very enjoyable social class.

* “Natalie has a beautiful spirit and the way she prepares the ‘environment for work’ is amazing, it is done with a calm, respectful attitude. I sincerely appreciate the notion of there are ’causes and conditions’ which have led us to be here today”.

* “A wonderful course - I’ll be back for more”.

* “Today was essential to my own self-care. Much appreciated”.

Recent feedback from Natalie’s students at Quick and Tasty Vegetarian -

* “Great experienced presenter. Great recipes.”

* “Extremely well organised time, huge variety and great to use immediately.”

* “Best cooking course I have ever done. Recipes easy to follow.”

* “Fabulous! Really enjoyed the nutritional education, thanks.”

* “Brilliant!”

Recent comments from students:

* “Excellent course! Thank you!”

* “Enjoyed the cruise!”

* “Happy time. Thank you, Natalie.”

* “Great time management. Did everything! Would do it again.”

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Happy New Year!

Next informative, fun and hands-on cooking classes for WEA are:
* How It All Vegan…Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Vegetarian  -  beautiful vegan cooking and special dietary needs - Saturday, 23rd February, 1-5pm
* Autumn Gourmet Vegetarian  -  delicious seasonal vegetarian recipes - Sunday, 3rd March, 1-5pm
* Quick and Tasty Vegetarian  - beautiful easy cooking, also suitable for vegans  - Sunday, 7th April, 1-5pm

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