* “Delicious recipes and wonderful support along the way from Natalie”
* “Fabulous ‘vibe’ - relaxed but confident tutor - makes everything possible”
* “Reinforced existing skills and learnt new ones. Will look out for more of Natalie’s classes”
* “Natalie was a pleasure to listen to and work with. Kind and competent. Great recipes and fantastic tips!”
* “Oh my gosh - so yummy! Will definitely try to replicate these in my home kitchen”
* “A very good introduction to vegan cooking and very insightful”

* It was a fantastic, wonderful experience. Learnt a lot and enjoyed actually cooking.
* Loved, loved, loved the time.
* Enjoyed every minute. Motivated!
* Great recipes, fun environment.

Some of the feedback from recent private cooking classes:

* “Thanks Natalie! Can we book you again for January?”
* “That was way better than I expected and I had good expectations!”
* “I can’t believe I learnt so much”
* ” It was great!”
* “That was divine”

* “Fabulous teacher and amazingly delicious food - simply easy to follow. Thank you”

* “Great experience and some great new ideas to take home”

* “Wonderful, creative, delicious food. Thank you”

* “Fantastic, learnt lots. Great to be able to try so many recipes. Very informative! Lovely teacher!”

* “All cooked well - a reflection on the teacher!”

* and from a chef I worked with recently, who wanted to expand his repertoire, “Some great ideas! I am inspired!”

More Testimonials


Some of the latest feedback:
* “Natalie is one of the best tutors we have come across in WEA - communicates well and clearly and very encouraging - thank you”.
* “Superb course! Thank you so much.”
* ”Inspirationally tasty! More please.”
* “Another great course, explosion of flavours - love it!”
* “Natalie’s quiet calm manner is very conducive to good cooking”
* “Wonderful way to spend an afternoon”
* “Amazing energy, informative, and delicious recipes”
* “Loved the course, food and Natalie”
* “It was a fantastic, wonderful experience. Learnt a lot and enjoyed actually cooking.”
* “Loved, loved, loved the time.”
* “Enjoyed every minute. Motivated!”
* “Great recipes, fun environment.”

* “Fantastic to share a feast together.”

* “Excellent, lovely recipes! Yummy food! Great fun!”

My next Hands-On Delicious Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes for the WEA:

 * Spring Gourmet Vegetarian, 14th September, 1-5pm. Celebrating seasonal food at its best!

Book for this course through WEA on 82231979 or http://www.wea-sa.com.au/. 
Please Note: no WEA vegetarian cooking classes for July and August.

Class at Cancer Care, Unley

  • Vegetarian Demonstration Cooking Class at , 12-3pm, 22nd August. All enquiries to Cancer Care, 8272 2411.

Private cooking classes tailored to suit you. Talk to Natalie today. Call 0883861672 or 0403555011